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Rewards Program

What is the VIP Rewards Program?
True Skin's VIP Rewards Program was created to thank you for being our guest. Points are awarded each time you make a purchase or refer a client and can be used toward spa services or products. This is a complimentary program and is presented as a courtesy to all of our guests.

How do I get started?
Request a VIP Rewards Program keychain card.  All True Skin clients are automatically included in the program.*

How do I accumulate VIP Reward Points?
Points are accumulated automatically at every purchase.
Below is a list of ways you can accumulate VIP Rewards Points.

How do I know how many VIP Reward Points I have?
You will find your VIP Reward Point number on the back of your Reward Card, you will be able to go online at any time to see your total amount of points you have accumulated.

How and when can I redeem VIP Reward Points?
Much like an airline frequent flier program, VIP Reward Point redemption’s are subject to a few rules and restrictions.
Minimum/Maximum Redemption: There is a 500 point minimum when redeeming VIP Reward Points. You must have accumulated at least 500 VIP Reward Points prior to redemption. You can only REDEEM 1000 pts ($50) at one time.


Gratuities: VIP Reward Points may not be used toward Gratuities/Tips.
VIP Reward Points will not be earned on transactions which utilize VIP Reward Points or Gift Certificates as payment.
Are VIP Reward Points redeemable for cash?
No. VIP Reward Points are not redeemable for cash.

Are VIP Reward Points transferable?
No. VIP Reward Points are non-transferable and can be redeemed only by the client who earned them.

Do VIP Reward Points ever expire?
Yes. VIP Reward Points are accumulated from August to July 31, and expire at the end of the following year.  It is the client’s responsibility to claim unredeemed  VIP Reward Points prior to expiration.

How Much are Reward Points worth?
500 VIP Reward Points = $25.00 redemption value


True Skin's School Partnership Program - Calling all Local High Schools

We are aware that high school can be a tough time for young adults and their parents.  Not only is it filled with changes in their schedules and lives, it can also be a time of  serious changes to their skin.  We are aware that parents want to give their children the safest and most effective treatments when it comes to skin problems. 

True Skin offers affordable solutions to all skin issues.  We treat acne, scarring, uneven skin tone, roseacea and much more at a fraction of the cost.  We even have teeth-whitening to help brighten your high-schooler's smile.  In addition to our low prices, we give back 15% to the school.  All they have to do is show their I.D. so we know which school gets the credit.  We have had great success with this program from surrounding schools.  We offer FREE consultations where we sit down and answer any questions parents or students may have. 

Looking for a great fundraising opportunity?  True Skin offers on-line purchasing which makes fundraising easy and efficient.  If you want to know if your high school is a part of our program, or want to run a fundraiser through us, please email trueskin4u@gmail.com.